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MessageSujet: Genjutsu Tech FN   Lun 29 Mai - 20:29

Magen: Chiyume {C}
After you perform the hand seals, the illusion may take effect against your opponent or not because the opponent may not look at you. If the opponent did happen to look at you, the illusion takes effect and brings your opponent to the illusion. The effects of your opponent are seeing the aggressive alternate, weird natural disaster, and the opponent’s vision is reddish or bloody filled with gore.

Genjutsu: Sakki {C}
This genjutsu is created by casting a genjutsu while exuding pure killing intention, in a sense creating a more vivid and "malleable" version of the original skill. It is used primarily as a means to mentally torture the victim by showing them several ways the user might kill them. If employed during combat, it often makes the victims become paranoid and being forced into a defensive stance or even retreat.

Magen: Saimin no Jutsu {C}
Magen: Saimin no Jutsu (魔幻:催眠術) is a low-level but extremely versatile genjutsu doujutsu used by Yamanaka Akihiko. Using the eye's as a medium, Akihiko is able to instantly trap his victims in an illusion of his choosing. While temporary the illusion is cast quickly and multiple illusions can be layered in seconds, making this an invaluable tool for any shinobi.

Illusionary Bells: Cicada Swarm {D}
The user runs chakra into one of their bells, causing it to emit an eerie sound like that of a chirping cicada. Anyone other than the user who hears it will have hallucinations that cicadas are swarming. If the illusion is not broken after a minute or two, the cicadas will engulf the hearers. The body will believe the victim to be suffocating, and so will pass out.

Genjutsu: Loony Time {C}
This genjutsu was created by an unknown person, but he/she was assumed as genjutsu expert and had shown strong hints of being patient of asylum. Its effects on victims are similar to Multi-Personality Disorder, but in offensive version and with sinister twist. According to the medic's report, there have been several gennins and chuunins acting 'crazy','insane','loony',and other words. Hence the name, 'Loony Time'.

Eien no Kanashimi Tekunikku {B}
This jutsu forces the opponent to re-live their saddest moments in their minds over and over again. Using their chakra, the user then manipulates the target's emotions and multiplies the sadness by ten. This forces the opponent into an unending period of tears that lasts as long as the user wishes. This jutsu is fatal, in the fact that, due to unending tears forced by the jutsu, the opponent becomes massively de-hydrated to the point that they may die because of it.

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Genjutsu Tech FN
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